Welcome to my Instagram - CPA - Autobot Tutorial. There's a ton of useful information in this tutorial. If it's moving too fast, simply pause or rewind it. All of the resourses I use are listed below the vid. Enjoy 🙂

CPA Network

Sign up for OGads CPA network here and take advantage of their free content lockers for mobile

Instagram Bot

For this tutorial I use an Instagram Robot Software called 'FollowLiker'. There are others out there and you're free to use those if you're more comfortable with them.

Instagram Accounts

I've bought Instagram accounts in bulk from alot of sellers. This place is by far the most reliable and they also accept PayPal. The seller (Mario) is also a really helpful guy and he will replace any dead accounts within the first 24hours.

Make sure you are using aged accounts (8months +)

Hosting & Domain

If you don't already have a hosting & domain then you can buy them here from Host Gator as they offer the best prices on hosting. Make sure you buy the 'Baby' hosting plan as it allows you to host unlimited domains.

If you would like a Tutorial on how to set up your website, then click here

Premium Landing Page

Here's a link to the exact same landing page that I use in this tutorial. There are other premium landing pages out there. I found this one converted the best.

The Original Forum Thread

Read the original thread created by Deadz on this method. alot of questions you may have will be answered in the thread.