Support & FAQ’s

Thanks for purchasing the Fuego Multiplier. While I have made every effort to give you as much information as I could inside of the training, I realize that some of you may still have questions and problems.

The fastest way to contact me with your fuego questions would be to email me at: https://brendanmacesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I have also included some Frequently Asked Questions below:


1. Do I need to have an adwords account? – Yes you need to have an adwords account to use the fuego method

2. What are the image dimensions for the ads? – 580×400 | 300×1050 | 980×120 | 320×50

3. What should my daily budget be? – Start at $10/day and then scale to $20 and then $50 (maximum of 3 days)

4. Will the fuego method work for launches that are in the past? – Yes but it won’t be as effective

5. The vendor has denied my request, what should I do? – Find another launch, there are multiple launches to choose from on a daily basis. There are no shortages of launches to use this with.

6. I can’t get my link approved / review access – Make sure you make a video application

Refund Requests

I have worked very very hard to put all of the training together so that you can enjoy the benefits of this method and be able to take advantage of this HUGE traffic loophole​.

If you want to get a refund, please complete the form below BEFORE opening a dispute in paypal. This will enable us to process your refund in the most time efficient way as possible as once a dispute is opened in paypal, it can take approx 3 weeks to process all of the paperwork before issuing a refund.

Click Here To Request A Refund​

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